I am a lifelong lover of creativity and Marriage and Family Therapist, Associate.  After a long day at the office you can find me at home painting the evening away.

I have come to find that I no longer have to choose between creativity and a career. I can find joy in both, and each practice enhances the other. Each inspire, comfort, and challenge me on a daily basis. 

Painting is my most vulnerable version of myself. I have decided to push past my fear and embrace the idea that our vulnerabilities are what makes us beautiful. I am encouraged by my work with others who are pushing themselves to be the best versions of themselves. I hope these paintings are a way to transfer the inspiration I receive in my work, to you, all the while adding more "pretty" to your home. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.




Each piece of art is unlike one that has come before it or that will come after it.

Working with gold foil creates a beautiful lack of control by the artist. The foil falls and stays where it wants to, until sealed by a gloss. Leaving each piece to create its own story.

Your piece of art will  be curated by you. Signing the work on the back gives the buyer creative license on the which orientation they would like the painting to be displayed. 

Each buyer is guaranteed a unique thoughtful work of art.





Each piece has a title inspired by my passion to create and support authenticity, worthiness, and joy.  I am encouraged daily by my work  that is constantly pushing me to be more brave, authentic, and hopeful. I hope any piece of art that adorns your home will do the same for you.